A blcockchain-powered CDN trading platform

The BlockCDN's ICO is coming

The BlockCDN:

The BlockCDN is a blockchain-powered CDN trading platform that links the demander with node sharer, and protect their proper rights and interests, which can be carrying out effectively through the transparent,fair,open,and unchangeable smart contract of blockchain.

FOR CDN demanders:

The BlockCDN could make CDN demander to acquire CDN service, which is only 10% of the price of traditional CDN service, but with more nodes, and faster access.

For the sharer:

The BlockCDN could let the internet idler share their idle internet access equipment (e.g. PC, router, TV box, pad, mobile phone etc.) as the CDN`s data caching node, and provide the CDN service for the website. Moreover, they can make a good profit without investing extra money.

BlockCDN WhitePaper

Let's examine some attributes and functions of JEE container applications in detail.

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